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Sep 10, 2012 7:30pm PDT
in "the temple of confessions." we're sitting on the car. the los angeles police department has just pulled us over. slowly, you put your hands on the dashboard, and keep them there in full view. the officer comes, and he asks me to show him my driver's license. and i go for i oy? [ slowly ] i am reaching for my wallet. and, norma, could you get the car registration out of the glove compartment? okay. i am reaching for the glove compartment. slow actions. nothing sudden. this is just a wallet. make sure it's nothing threatening. don't scare them. offer a smile every now and then. i have the registration. that's very good. very good. you keep the other hand visible. you already knew to do that. excellent. good. so this is a typical chicano performance art rehearsal. [ rooster crows ] sifuentes: washington is undergoing its own urban crisis. it's a very troubled city. woman: christina has been doing paperwork for the past 2 1/2 hours. she only left the corcoran about five minutes ago. so all the paperwork was not processed. this is really hypocritical, you know. nafta means open m
Sep 19, 2012 7:30pm PDT
lawyer. he was a young, hotshot lawyer down in los angeles, and he's's on wilshire boulevard one morning, driving his old chevrolet, and he sees the car in front of him is a partner in his law firm, and it's a mercedes, and he's stuck in traffic, and he's just thinking, "okay, so i'm going to put 20, 30 years of my life into this effort being a lawyer, so that i can be stuck in traffic 30 years later in a fancier car? that's what i do? he quit the next day he turned in his papers and he went and became a monk. so something is happening, and that's why i wanted to bring this into the experiential dimension. sure. >> the question i have, they are living by themselves in a very enclosed, capsulated world and becoming satisfied religiously and spiritually within themselves, and yet he's talking about the branches and the roots reaching out to touch others. how does he do that if he stays within those walls? >> i have heard that - >> i would like to understand that. if everybody stayed enclosed and capsulated, how's it going to spread? >> i've got a story on this one, but it's the pre
Sep 12, 2012 8:00am PDT
people know about is the fellow who was planning to bomb los angeles international airport. but there were people picked up in indonesia, pakistan, who are going to attack american interests there. so that was very, very successful. it was successful because the government has the ability and the capacity to go on high alert. what the bush administration did was say, this is very concerning, let's have a meeting. let's put out notices to our embassies into our military to be particularly careful. but it is not the same thing. >> what about some of the same? the significance of the problem of the bank osama bin laden for the neocons in the white house, because they wanted to get saddam hussein. >> you have to understand the shift that took place in that time. the republicans have been out of the white house since 1992. when they left, the nation state was the enemy. iraq, iran, north korea, whoever you wanted to pick. saddam hussein was the center of the war. they leave. from 1992-2000, the detached threat, the nomination state threat develops. al qaeda it develops. we had not he
Sep 13, 2012 3:00pm PDT
process to get past that. so i was in therapy for about a year with a therapist in los angeles well known in the lesbian community. in heriew, there was a hierarchy of heah-- mental health for homosexuals-- all on a scale of coming out, with people hidden and closeted, then coming out to close friends and relatives, to an ultimate which was i remember her saying that at some point, and thinking, "the woman is crazy. who would ever prefer that everyone know?" and it was very frightening that we would be found out, but at the same time, the feelings were so intense that i didn't seem to have any power over not acting on them. when adults who are gay go back and talk about their attempts to come out to families, these are where families break down. they can tell painful stories how parents wouldn't listen, kept trying to change them, wouldn't give them support, and rejected them. we have friends who came out and found their possessions out on their yard. their parents dispossessed and disowned them. i can remember being terrified of telling my children, and feeling strongly that i had to tel
Sep 3, 2012 8:00am PDT
kennedy with cÉsar chÁvez. it was a wonderful effort. we went all over los angeles, going into wealthy neighborhoods, knocking on doors, urging people to vote for bobby. and that evening the primary was over, bobby kennedy came up to me and said, "john, i'm going downstairs to make my victory statement. why don't you remain? " i was in his suite with his sister, several other individuals, the brother of medgar evers. and we listened to bobby, and he said, "on to chicago." and moments, minutes later, it was announced that he had been shot. dropped to the floor and cried and cried. i just wanted to get out of l.a. i got on a flight the next morning, flew to atlanta, and i think i cried all the way from l.a. to atlanta. and i came back to new york for the funeral. and before the funeral, i stood the night before as an honor guard with reverend ralph abernathy. then i rode the funeral train. the family asked me to ride with them from new york to washington. and someplace along the way, i felt that somehow, in some way, i had to try to pick up where dr. king and robert kennedy left off. the
Sep 8, 2012 6:30am PDT
hi link tv, i'm kavi ladnier i'm an actress living in los angeles, ca and i was born in kerala, india i look at myself and where i'm from with so much gratitude because there is such a rich culture and a heritage there. but i also have the opportunity of being an american so i really can take & grab from the best of both worlds i think it's very important that media outlets like link tv exist. if we focused on the differences
Sep 7, 2012 9:30am PDT
angeles. los angeles? good riddance. she wants alex to go live with her. ay, no me digas eso. alex belongs here, with his family, his friends. you have to stop her. i agree, but what can i do? she's his mother, he loves her. of course, but he loves his father, too. alex is just a child. he needs you. he needs you to be strong for him now. i'll die if i lose alex. what are you doing? calling christine. chris? this is ramón. i got a letter from your lawyer today. i think we'd better talk. all these photographs are by local artists. some of then are quite good, aren't they? mm-hmm. hi, how are you? this is rebecca casey. woman: hi, nice to meet you, rebecca. alberto: nice seeing you again. hope you have a good time. i especially like this one here, let me show you. woman: hello, alberto. oh, hey! how are you? alberto. you look beautiful. woman: thank you. introduce me to your friend. oh, yes. diana marshall, this is rebecca casey. diana's one of the architects at my firm. very nice to meet you. nice to meet you. and this is my friend bob greenwood. bob, rebecca. it's a very nice open
Sep 11, 2012 3:00pm PDT
there, workers then deliver the lavish lunches to schools all across the bay area and in los angeles, as well. >> every single lunch and breakfast has a piece of-- a serving of whole fruit. and most of our snacks come with a serving of whole fruit. and if they don't come with that, they come with a serving of fresh vegetables. >> to help with their new food revolution, the ladies built key partnerships with whole foods, clover stornetta, and diestel turkeys. as well, the three began sourcing from local farmers throughout the bay area, like torrey olson of gabriel farms in sebastopol. gabriel farm is a 14-acre organic farm located in the ideal fruit-growing climate of sebastopol. the farm features several different fruits, but asian pears are what they are best known for. they have 8 varieties that they sell to local markets, hospitals, schools, and yes, revolution foods. >> you know, we have a piece of fruit in a lot of different places, and it's really pretty amazing. and i just--i mean, i'm really thankful that we get to work with all those people. >> [giggles] >> and now today, thanks
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)